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Commentary: Reconsidering the Role of Context in Diabetes Prevention

Briana Mezuk, Jeannie B. Concha, Paul Perrin, Tiffany Green


A substantial gap remains between what we know about type 2 diabetes prevention and our ability to apply that knowledge in socially disadvantaged populations at highest risk. This gap results, in part, from a lack of integration between epidemio­logic science and social psychology theory, particularly regarding the intersections of stress, self-regulatory health behaviors, and the biological mechanisms underlying the development of diabetes. In this commen­tary, we describe the utility of a theoretical framework that focuses on the intersection of biological, psychosocial, and environ­mental contexts as they apply to diabetes disparities, and how such a framework could inform a translational research agenda to reorient prevention efforts to address these inequalities. Such reorientation is needed to ensure that the implementation of prevention efforts does not inadvertently widen diabetes disparities.

Ethn Dis.2017; 27(1):63-68; doi:10.18865/ed.27.1.63.


Diabetes Prevention; Diabetes; Health Behavior; Inequalities; Mental Health

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